The Turunen Family | Day in The Life

Family Documentary Session | Day in The Life, North Carolina.

Hiya, Jelena (Tommy’s wife) stealing the blog show here for this one. Brianna, Kris and their boys are extra special people in my life, so Tommy and I being part of a family shoot day to capture some chaotic #toddlerlife moments was priceless. They chose a beautiful early summer day, hot enough to need to include some ice cream time to cool off during the session! Capturing real life moments of this beautiful family was really easy and filled with laughs. An important detail that brought extra love into the day was making sure that Max, the forever loved and missed third of their triplet boys was included. Toddler energy is so moment driven, which paired perfectly with Tommy’s ‘in the moment, in your face’ photography style to portray a very dynamic and fun day both at the Turunen’s house and adventuring out and about!